Ryan Honaker

Ryan Honaker is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, writer, and scientist currently living in New York City.

Ryan utilizes a variety of sonic inputs, including violin, guitar, bass, keyboard instruments, and field recordings to explore shaping and molding audio chaos, blending organic and synthetic instrumentation with electronic production techniques. He is interested in examining traditional compositional and songwriting approaches and how they interact with layered, textural, and aleatoric methods. Additionally he enjoys exploring the influence and interplay of artistic creation and science, data, and technology, and how they can be integrated in static and interactive multimedia installation and performance.

Beginning as a classically-trained pianist and violinist, his first band was a string quartet he co-founded in high school and played in through college, during which he also began playing in local bands. He has released albums in various projects across genres, including improvisational noise jazz, indie rock and folk, dark ambient and drone, noise hip hop, etc. He has also participated in a variety of audio-visual performances, gallery installations, and live as well as recorded film and dance scoring. Atomise Recordings is an ongoing 10-year partnership with Janek Hendrich. They have collaborated on countless projects together including bands, live performances, audio-visual pieces and installations, and film scoring. 

Ryan received a PhD in microbiology from the University of Colorado, Denver, and was an American Cancer Society postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University. He currently works at the intersection of microbiome, precision health, and personalized nutrition. His scientific training influences his creative output and approach in various ways, some of which he doesn’t quite understand. He is also interested in writing, reading, contemporary art, and travel, and the ways these activities provide new ideas and avenues for creative exploration.