Ryan Honaker

2021 Common Ground

As we, and everyone, watched the world spiral into a global pandemic and saw our creative and social outlets and inspiration deplete, we realized that this new version of the world was inexorably seeping into our art in interesting and unanticipated ways. This influence expanded as we worked from home with what we could, connecting and collaborating in new and evolving ways. 

Stasis is composed of audiovisual movements that examine and explore various elements as the world ground to a halt, replacing the prior monotony of our everyday working lives with the novel monotony of house-bound lockdown. The movements encompass ideas of isolation, exploring the idea of the world abruptly closing down around us. The stillness that followed this meant we had to look inward for our art and our connections with each other, finding new opportunities. Finally, the promise of reclaiming our old ways becomes ever more questionable.