Ryan Honaker

2023 Lǽst

This piece is an experimental exploration of the relationship between sound and image and the ways in which they can interact and influence each other. Abstract video imagery the manipulation of everyday objects is decontextualized and coupled with dynamic and evolving sound composition. Bespoke software is then used to further integrate the two, using the audio as a sonic data source which is transformed to manipulate the visuals. All of which is done with the aim of creating a cohesive, immersive, and thought-provoking experience for the subject. 

With this approach we invite the audience to engage with the work on a more intuitive, cohesive, and emotional level in which they enter a contemplative and meditative state, allowing full immersion in the sensory experience. This creates a space for reflection and contemplation, where the boundaries between sound and image, reality and imagination, and the conscious and unconscious mind, can be blurred and reimagined.

The project is in collaboration with Jan Hendrich.