Ryan Honaker

2022 Where Time Becomes A Loop

The project is composed of processed archival and original footage of trains together with original audio. Standardized time In the US began in 1883 as a way to synchronize train schedules, both for track safety as well as convenience. The essence of the short film is a dance with time, as a series of individual images captured at a specific moment are later played back for the perception of movement. And, the first films ever recorded were just a few years after the standardization time, some of which famously included trains. To further the thematic element, the audio component is deliberate in its metronomic and clock-like tones. Additionally it is purposefully at 120 bpm, a tempo demonstrated to be as biologically resonant as it is a metronome for our daily lives. Weaving in this theme to the narrative, select audio components were developed using recordings of trains from the era.

Audio composition by Jan Hendrich and Ryan Honaker. Original video footage by Janek Hendrich, with editing of original/stock footage by Janek Hendrich. Additional video processing was completed using SoundToVision (by Dominic Waithe), lending an audio-reactive visual feedback from the metronomic nature of the sound.